Carpet cleaning at home – how to do it?

How to protect yourself from COVID-19?
How to protect yourself from COVID-19?
July 19, 2020
carpet cleaning at home

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Ever wonder how to do the carpet cleaning at home?

If it is winter outside and there is thick fluffy snow, as crazy as it sounds, this is a perfect opportunity to wash the carpet. An ancient and tried and tested method is to rub the carpet with snow. Strangely enough, the effect is unique. Once you “wash” your carpet with snow, you won’t recognize it. To emphasize, place the carpet from the front and in the thick snow. Then you brush it carefully.


However, if you are out of the snow, we have other practical suggestions. One of them is to fill some water with soap. With the help of a sponge, clean the carpet. And to make the carpet pattern even brighter, soak the sponge with denatured or ethyl alcohol. The effect is unique, and the carpet can dance.

Most often, you have to use special cleaners to clean carpets, but below, we gathered several ways to achieve the same effect, only with materials available in each home.

Here’s how to clean your carpet with:

  •  Salt

The cooking salt absorbs various substances, such as fats, dirt, dust. To get rid of dirt on the carpet, you should sprinkle it with salt, leave it on for 20 minutes, then sweep it with dirt with a broom soaked in soapy water.

  • Soda

Soda is an excellent cleanser that allows you to not only remove dirt but also eliminate unpleasant odours, such as cigarettes. Dissolve the baking soda in warm water, then sprinkle on the carpet and pour it out of the baking soda for half an hour and allow it to stand for half an hour. It would help if you had a vacuum cleaner to remove the soda along with the dirt.

  • Washing powder

You can use washing powder to clean wool carpets or articles made from synthetic materials. You need to dissolve the powder in warm water and add some kerosene to it. Use this sponge solution to clean contaminated areas with a sponge or brush. You will immediately notice that the spots are disapearing. However, this method has one major drawback – kerosene has a peculiar odour that you will need to get rid of for 3 days as you ventilate the room often. Therefore, you should not use such funds in the home where the young child lives.

  • Tea

This method of removing dirt is using used tea, which you need to sprinkle over the entire surface of the wool or synthetic carpet. Keep in mind that you should not use old used tea, but one that you have brewed today because instead of cleaning the carpet with it, you can make new stains. Sprinkle it while it is wet and after drying, collect it with a vacuum cleaner. This method allows you to remove wax, hair, dust, hair from pets and other dirt. It is important to remember that you should not use tea on light carpets.

Another thing you can try is to dissolve a teaspoon of grated soap or detergent for waves and a little turpentine in a liter of warm water.

Besides, you can achieve excellent carpet cleaning at home with bicarbonate of soda. Why? Soda bicarbonate is a neutral and soft abrasive that can clean any surface without scratching them. And to our delight, it does not include any physical activity. The only thing we are required to do is spread the soda evenly over the surface of the carpet.

Leave it to stay overnight, or even more. Then carefully clean with a vacuum cleaner. The effect is dizzying, and you get rid of the lingering smell as a bonus. And if you want your home to have a fresh smell, add a few drops of essential oil.

Let’s also add vinegar to the list of cleansers. 50:50 solution of lukewarm water and vinegar in combination with baking soda and using a soft brush and carpet becomes new again.

As for the carpets that have stains on them, you should consider laundering

 2First,  soak the carpet in water with ammonia, and the ratio is 1 liter water per 1 tablespoon ammonia. Then rub with a soft brush and soap solution. The carpet is thoroughly washed several times, with a little vinegar added to the last water.

The only thing we have to warn you about is that it is not advisable to clean the wool carpets with a damp cloth or brush. This is how the fibers get together, the base of the carpet rot and the carpet starts to scratch.

Every one of us who has had to clean a carpet and knows how difficult it is. Just like every single thing in the home needs cleaning and daily care, the carpet needs your attention. The carpet should be cleaned at least twice a year and thoroughly cleaned at least once a week.

If you don’t want to clean the carpet by yourself, don’t worry. We are here for you. Our professionals from Fresh Carpet Cleaners are here to help. Call us and book anytime! If you are interested in how to clean windows without streaking, this article is for you!

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