Carpet cleaning London

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Curtain cleaning London
March 14, 2018
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Rug cleaning London
March 14, 2018
Carpet cleaning London

Carpet cleaning London

Carpet cleaning London

Looking for Carpet cleaning London?

Does your carpet still remember your last birthday party? Let us make your carpet clean and fresh again. Welcome to Fresh Carpet Cleaners Ltd. – the place where you can order cleanliness and freshness for your carpet. Grease, traces of mud or dirt have deeply penetrated your carpet? They have no chance when the specialists of our company arrive. That’s why we believe that Fresh carpet cleaning is your first and last stop when you need a perfect washing of your carpet. We are confident in the ultimate success of any task we accept because we already have many satisfied customers throughout London.

If you are wondering how we differ from other companies for carpet cleaning in London here you can find at least 5 reasons for it. And what’s more – after we wash your carpet you will have a 6th reason to ask for additional services for home cleaning. Here are our 5 reasons:

Your carpets will be cleaned by experienced and reliable cleaners, who are proven professionals in home cleaning.
We use the most modern equipment for carpet cleaning.
Your health is important to us. Therefore, our team uses eco-friendly products that are completely safe for you and your family.
You can count on us to come to your home the day you’ve called us – even late at night or on weekends, without additional service costs!
You will get the carpet cleaning you have paid for. Additional charging is prohibited.
More about our prices can be found here. We count on 2 main methods for carpet cleaning – Steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Of course, our assistants will give you an advice which technique is more appropriate for your needs.

Steam cleaning by Fresh Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

Carpet cleaning LondonDefinitely among our most popular proposals there is one which stands out and it is the STEAM CLEANING method. How does the procedure go? Check out our 5 easy steps:

  • VACUUMING. In order to remove any loose dirt, dust and traces of mud we will vacuum thoroughly all areas of the carpet.
  • PRE-TREAT. The second step is pre-treating the carpet for stain removal.
  • STEAM CLEANING. The third and most fundamental step is treating the carpet with our powerful steam cleaning technology. What’s more – in order to remove all smells and bacteria we clean the surface at temperature of up to 120 °C by adding our special formulated shampoos and deodorizers.
  • SPOT REMOVAL. Where and if needed, we use unique treatment for the remaining stubborn stains in order to get sure everything is fresh and clean.
  • DRYING. Afterwards we leave the carpet to fully dry for 2-3 hours.

If your carpet is a bit more delicate, then you can trust our dry carpet cleaning. Let’s say that you have more delicate carpet. Let’s say that you prefer not to waste too much time in cleaning. Then definitely the best option for you. This method involves carpet cleaning without any wetting which takes less time to our team of specialists. And since the process is based on completely dry cleaning, you won’t have to wait some additional hours for the carpet to dry. By trusting this method you will save time without compromising the cleaning quality. You can be confident that dust will be “extinct” from your carpet, so if you want proven results without wasting too much time, this cleaning method is the solution for you. Call us and leave the rest to our team of specialists.
We use proven and effective chemicals.
Since we are sure you will have questions considering the chemicals for our cleaning services, you can be completely relaxed – any product of the range we use is approved by the strict BRITISH STANDARDS. Our know-how and researches have shown that the most effective methods are steam and dry cleaning with the products we have chosen to work with. The local carpet manufacturers will confirm that. We trust only professional detergents which are completely non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for children or pets. Their price is calculated in the price of the cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning London for only £18 in West, North, South East and Central London

Carpet cleaning LondonWalking barefoot on your brand new carpet is one of the little pleasures of life. However, there remains the question – how to keep the carpet looking new? For carpets suffer all kinds of dirt invasions – we spill food on them, we sometimes tread with our shoes on, the cat is not careful enough, the children turn the place into a playground…What can you do? We at Fresh Carpet Cleaners know the solution; in fact we ARE the solution. After our treatment your carpet remains fresh and cozy, and wonderful for walking barefoot, or doing yoga. Doing yoga has got great benefits for your health, but in some of the yogic asanas your face is practically next to the carpet. You simply cannot afford it to be dirty and stained – this ruins your entire workout.

A dark carpet and a white home cat is a true domestic disaster. White hairs start “growing” on your beautiful carpet on a regular basis, and there seems to be nothing you can do about it. Greasy food is dragged on the carpet by your pet, which likes to chase the olives on the expensive flooring. The cat behaves as the only proprietor of the carpet smearing all kinds of horrendous things on it, until you have had enough. But what to do when you have had enough? Throw the carpet away? Throw the pet away?

Well, call Fresh Carpet Cleaners – we shine that carpet for you! Our professionals will gently treat the suffering carpet with natural products and will restore it to its former brilliance. For everything looks good when it’s been taken care of. Your family deserves to live in comfort and luxury is the birth right of every man. We at Fresh Carpet Cleaners are here to assist your ambitions for cleanliness and turn them into reality.

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