Cleaning after a party

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cleaning after a party

The winter party season has started, but the unpleasant cleaning remains for us after our guests leave.

Let’s be honest, cleaning after a party can be a really unpleasant task. The sight that awaits us in the morning after the party, can make us go back to bed. As the party a total smash, the more it needs to be repaired the next day. With the following tips,  you can clean your house as quickly as possible. And the party can start.

EXPERT suggestion. To make sure everything is okay, while cleaning after a party, you can handle things as systematically as possible.

In order to approach tasks with even greater force, you must first ventilate to leave fresh air in the apartment a large garbage bag in your hand, collect and discard the dirt from the coupon and then put the dirty dish, cutlery and glasses in the dishwasher or sink, only after cleaning you need to get to the cleaning towels, vacuum cleaner and wipers; this exact order.

Fresh Carpet Cleaners Tip 1 – Best trick to clean the dirt.

After removing dirt, work surfaces and masses are wiped off. Always clean from top to bottom to prevent crumbs from falling on already cleaned surfaces. Only then should the vacuum cleaner be used. Remember the cracks in the sofa where fresh crumbs are collected. Vacuum the floor first. To do this, first, remove all obstacles on the floor. Then move the mop along the edges of the room in one direction and clean back into the figure with eight patterns. Cleaning the tips will prevent dirt from moving quickly. Those who want to save a cleaning step should go to the FC 5 detergent. It combines the functions of vacuuming and erasing into one unit.

Fresh Carpet Cleaners Tip 2 – How to clean the dirt from shoes?

If visitors pass through the apartment in their shoes and later decide to shake their feet, some of the black dots will probably remain on the floor. They are difficult or impossible to remove with a cloth. A dirt-cleaning tire can help with this. It carefully removes black dots from all floors. Besides, a steam machine can be used to clean floors, such as tile or linoleum. The steam machine will help you clean the remaining spots.

Fresh Carpet Cleaners Tip 3 – How to clean candles spots?

The candles create a pleasant atmosphere. But sometimes they leave behind grape spots on the carpet or sofa. If the wax is still warm and soft, it is better not to touch it. Wait until it hardens, and then it can gently remove large pieces of wax with the back of a knife or a spoon. For any remaining spots, place kitchen paper on the affected area. Then wrap it with medium iron until the wax is completely absorbed. However, this method is not suitable for carpets and seats made of synthetic fibres – always pay attention to the manufacturer’s information.

Fresh Carpet Cleaners Tip 4 – How to clean red wine spills?

This can happen to everyone during a conversation: red wine glass spills its contents onto the carpet. Quickly response is the key to avoiding blemishes. For this purpose, the affected area should be covered with a clean cloth immediately. Then rub the carpet in place. And does salt help with red wine? According to scientists, although salt attracts moisture, wine is usually absorbed by the fibre faster than salt can lift it.

If you can bear it (and afford it) pouring white wine on the red wine stain is the most effective method. Pour over and leave for a few minutes, then you will notice that the red wine spots disappear as you rinse. If the stain is on your carpet, be careful not to pour too much white wine. Follow the instructions for cleaning your carpet. Another method is to wet the place, soak it with paper towels without rubbing.

Don’t have white wine?

Then salt will come to your rescue. Sprinkle all the stain with salt and leave until the wine soaks in the salt. Remove the salt and place a new one until it stops absorbing the wine. Allow the salt to dry before removing it. Otherwise, you may return some of the wine to the fabric and open up more work.

Another alternative method is to use oxygen water mixed with a little detergent. This is not a universal method because oxygen water has a whitening effect and does not apply to coloured tissues.

Fresh Carpet Cleaner are here to help you with this unpleasant task. Book your appointment now!

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