Cleaning the curtains at home – washing the curtains

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September 30, 2019
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Cleaning the curtains at home

Cleaning the curtains at home

Seasonal cleaning necessarily involves cleaning the curtains, especially by washing them. And in case of dusty air, it is better to clean them more often. This way, you will remove not only the accumulated dust but also the odours that inevitably seep into the fabric of the curtains.

Cleaning the curtains with a vacuum cleaner – is it enough?

It may seem strange, but frequent vacuuming, such as every month or every two weeks, is recommended. Use the lowest degree of a vacuum cleaner. Along with the dust, you will also remove the hair from your pet if you have one. And vacuuming the curtains does not take long.

Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will also make it easier to wash the curtains during the necessary cleaning.

Regular care of the curtains

In addition to removing dust, make sure that the curtains do not absorb odours, especially from cooking or from smoke when smoking. Ventilate regularly, not only to clean the air but also to allow smells to seep into the fabric of the curtains.

In the kitchen, where the possibility of leakage is highest, use a vacuum cleaner regularly. It is a good idea that the curtains here are made of washable cloth. The labels usually indicate how you should wash them and what are the fabrics. Also, consider this factor when choosing and buying kitchen curtains.

The most practical are lightweight fabrics.

Of course, the choice of curtains depends on the preferences of everyone from the family. Also, it is crucial the combination with other elements of the environment. But the most practical are lightweight curtains. Even if you don’t wash them in the washing machine, they dry quickly, which is very important, especially in the cold seasons.

When washing the curtains, consider the nature of the fabric.

The curtains are cleaned in one way if they are made of delicate fabrics such as lace or silk, or in the case of linen, cotton or other thin material. And washing the curtains of heavy fabrics has another specificity.

For light curtains of delicate fabrics, it is enough to wash them by hand. In no case should you use hot water; the water should be cold. And if you haven’t laundered them for a long time, you can pre-soak them.

If you wash linen, cotton, or lightweight curtains, you can put them in the washing machine. Here, too, you should not remove the heat, and the program should be short. If you feel that the fabric will not crumble, you can also let the curtains spin.

For heavy curtain fabrics, machine washing is switched off, and we do not recommend manual washing. Such materials retain much water so that they will dry for a long time, and they will also be substantial from it, and the fabric will stretch when stretched. Steam cleaning is the only appropriate way. Provide a manual steam cleaner for this purpose. Cleaning should be done from the top down. The steam cleaner should not be too far from the curtain; keep it at least 20 centimeters during cleaning.

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