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End of tenancy cleaning London

End of tenancy cleaning London

Looking for End of tenancy cleaning London?

End of tenancy cleaning London – West, North, South East and Central London. When tenants have decided to vacate their home and head to another destination, they know that there is one additional step to perform before they receive their deposit back. And it is the so called End of Tenancy Cleaning – a service which could be tiresome, annoying and sometimes expensive. Well, we want to break this myth and prove that End of Tenancy Cleaning can be a completely affordable service which we will implement with ease. CLEANING IS OUR SPECIALTY, not only when it comes to carpets.

When you moved in, you found the property fresh and clean and now when you move out you want to reciprocate. In order to receive the full deposit from your landlord, you need to perform an end of tenancy cleaning service.

That is too demanding for you in your busy daily round. Sometimes you are simply obligated to hire a company. Some rental treaties really include an additional clause for mandatory professional tenancy cleaning service at the end of the lease. Do not be desperate!

What can you expect from us?

We will do the end of tenancy cleaning service as well as window cleaning for you fast and brilliantly. The apartment you are leaving will look friendly, cozy and stainless and we do this at an affordable price and for a short time. Our specialists are classy, diligent and well-prepared, and they love cleaning! After their intervention in your old place all the senses will be pleased. We use soft, natural, very eco-friendly detergents, they are completely non-toxic and they are safe for pets and children. They are also included in the very modest price.

Let sunshine enter once again your home through your spotless windows. Forget about where you spilled your coffee and when the pancake fell in the middle of the kitchen rug. We start in the kitchen, we move through the bathrooms, toilet, bedrooms, living room, and corridor, and no place in the property is cruelly forgotten. We dust, we vacuum, we wash, we wipe, we clean – generally we leave freshness and godliness behind us.

So don’t fret. End of tenancy cleaning is not the end of the world. Simply move out completely, take your stuff in boxes with you and arrange it into your new place. Then simply call us at Fresh Carpet Cleaners. We are here for you.
We will do the magic! Our specialists are highly trained and it’s not expensive. We guarantee great results. We know what the house owner expects.

When you have to make an end of tenancy cleaning, you have to pick the right moment. It can’t be in the very last moment before you move out. However, it is better to be implemented when the rooms have been emptied, because open spaces and lack of personal possessions really ease the process. OUR ADVICE: Move out completely, move into a new property and let us make the end of tenancy cleaning, so that you can easily receive your full deposit back.

End of tenancy cleaning service London after builders

Our services are so complex and universal that you can trust them not only when you are vacating your home. Have you invited builders to make some improvements or repairs in your home? No matter how good they are, there are always stains, dirt and debris left. Since you have found professional builders and construction workers to do the dirty work, why don’t you work with professionals on the cleaning as well? We are prepared for all kinds of cleaning; we have the necessary detergents and cleaning equipment and rely on true professionals, experienced in cleaning dust, stubborn stains and debris, as well as in working with different materials (including linoleum, plastic, glass, wood, metal, fabrics, etc.) Do you want to know more? See below or call us.

End of tenancy cleaning London including:

End of tenancy cleaning London1. Thorough dusting (including lights, mirrors, curtains switches and all other kinds of details).
2. Carpet vacuum cleaning (including moving of the light furniture).
3. Skirting boards dusting (even behind furniture).
4. Vacuuming under the mattresses.
5. Floor washing.
6. Glass washing (furniture glass windows, mirrors).
7. Complete window washing (including windows sills).
8. Door cleaning (including door handles polishing).
9. Clearing any rubbish from drawers and shelves.
10. Upholstery vacuuming.
11. Wooden furniture wiping.
12. Living room rug cleaning.


– Furniture cleaning (inside and out), mattress cleaning.
– Bedroom carpet cleaning.


– End of tenancy cleaning LondonShower screen cleaning and polishing.
– Wall tiles degreasing, cleaning and polishing.
– Bath, basin, taps, shower and fittings cleaning, de-scaling and drying.
– Toilet de-scaling and brushing (including seat cleaning).
– All cosmetic supplies (including soap, shampoo, etc.) will be removed.
– Mirrors cleaning and polishing.
– Floors washing and sanitising.
– Bins cleaning.


– Work surfaces washing and polishing.
– Cupboards and drawers cleaning, including removal of all old food stuff, bags, etc.)
– Sink and taps cleaning, lime scale removal and polishing.
– Wall tiles degreasing, cleaning and polishing.
– Oven cleaning (externally and internally), including degreasing and chrome polishing.
– Removing of grime from extractor.
– Cleaning and defrosting of the refrigerator. Afterwards it will be left switched on.
– Washing machine cleaning (inside and out) as well as rubber and filters cleaning.
– Dishwasher cleaning (inside and out).
– Appliances cleaning (including inside cleaning of the microwave).
– Bins cleaning.

Fixed cleaning prices are not the best option when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning in London. That is why we offer CUSTOM PRICES based on the type and size of your property. See our individual charges in our cleaning PRICES section or simply contact us. Do not forget that our professional detergents are included in the price – they are completely non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for children or pets.

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