How to clean the bathroom in just a few steps

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How to clean the bathroom in just a few steps

How to clean the bathroom in just a few steps

In this article you will learn how to clean the bathroom.

The cleaning of the bathroom is the most challenging and tedious of the whole house. Although it is essential to keep it always clean, thus fighting germs, bacteria, limestone and mould. It is essential to have small daily precautions to avoid making too much effort. Here are some tips how to clean the bathroom in a few steps:

  • Cleaning the toilet: how to disinfect it and bleach it

Although for many, it is a thankless job, cleaning the bathroom is essential to keep it sanitized: it is a straightforward job. For daily cleaning you can use a classic sanitizing detergent: clean the outside with the bathroom rag, without forgetting the metal hinges and pins, to avoid rust formation, and clean the inside with the toilet brush. To clean the inner walls of the toilet, and to eliminate the limestone and the stains caused by the water, you can use different methods.

To sanitize the best ally is bleach: pour it on the walls of the cup and rub it with gloves and a mop, or use an abrasive sponge. In the end, add a bleach cap, the grandmother’s remedy to leave on for a few hours or all night: in this way, you will avoid the yellowing of the toilet. In the case of encrusted dirt, you can pour the coke into the cup: leave it to act for an hour and flush the toilet. If you prefer the natural remedies of vinegar poured into the bathroom, let it work all night and then remove the most persistent residues with the brush. For more stubborn dirt, you can make a thick cream prepared with baking soda and water.

  • Bath and shower: rinse and dry after each use to avoid scale formation

The tub and the rain must always be brilliant, for this reason, it is essential to clean them every time after use, to prevent the accumulation of limescale: just a few minutes with the use of hot water and soap, to avoid the formation of encrusted dirt challenging to remove. For the bathtub, for the enamelled ones you can use vinegar, leave it to work for half an hour, before rinsing. You can also use dish detergent and a soft cloth: in the case of rust stains, instead, make a mixture with lemon juice and salt. Acrylic bathtubs, when they are filthy, can be cleaned with hot water and organic powder detergent: fill the tub and leave to work all night.

As for the shower, rinse the box and the tiles with clean water after use. For quick cleaning, to immediately remove soap residues and bubble bath. To eliminate limescale from the shower, the ideal is vinegar diluted with water, perfect also for glass. If your shower stall is made of plastic, use a cotton cloth to avoid scratching the surface. If the box is made of glass or crystal, complete the cleaning with the window cleaner spatula, useful for letting the water flow even from the tiles: this will prevent the formation of incrustations or stains.

  • Bidet and sink – clean every day

You have to clean the bidet every day. Don’t forget the taps: always dry it after each use to have it sparkling. For a deeper cleaning of the valves, especially in areas that are difficult to reach, use an old toothbrush with a mixture of water and vinegar. Also, use vinegar to clean the faucet diffuser: remove it and let it soak in water and vinegar. For the soap dish spread a little oil on the bottom: in this way the soap will not stick and will remain cleaner.

  • What to do in case of clogged drains

Every day in the pipes come down residues of soap, foam and hair, so they may get clogged, due to the blocks that form for all these accumulated debris. This is why it is vital to remove the hair that gets caught in the drain every time: to make everything easier to use a filter, both in the sink and in the shower. If, on the other hand, your screen is already blocked, try warm water first: pour a little at about half a meter in height, so the force of the fall will release the drain. Alternatively, use a packet of baking soda and vinegar: put them in the pipe and pour hot water over them: use this remedy carefully because it is beneficial but also powerful.

  • Tiles and joints for deeper cleaning

The cleaning of the bathroom tiles is easy to perform: a regular domestic detergent and a sponge pass will suffice. In the case of delicate surfaces, such as stoneware tiles, use only acid or alkaline products, without exceeding with chemicals. For an alternative ecology cleaning, use the orange peel. Finally, rinse with water and dry with a damp sponge. In the case of dirty tiles, clean them with vinegar. And leave to act until they dissolve dirt and limestone.

To prevent mould from forming, always dry the tiles. It is essential to regularly wipe the dry and clean cloth after using the tub and shower. To thoroughly clean the tile joints, instead, remove dirt and limescale with an old toothbrush. Also rubbing vigorously with a mixture of water and baking soda. Leave to work and then finish cleaning with a clean cloth.

  • The secrets for a clean and fragrant bath

Then there are some tips to always follow for effective cleaning. First of all, use different sponges for the toilet and other sanitary ware. This is a fundamental operation to keep the bathroom sanitized. Many, then, prefer not to use the toilet brush, because it is anti-hygienic. In reality, they are a receptacle of bacteria and germs. We should therefore always keep them clean, soaking them in water and bleach. Alternatively, you can use a pair of gloves and a kitchen roll.

Before cleaning the bathroom, free all the shelves from make-up brushes.  Also scented candles and all those objects that make the bathroom beautiful. But which are a receptacle of dust. Dust them and move them elsewhere. The ideal would be to keep them in well-ordered drawers and armchairs to leave the shelves free. Remember always to clean the pipes, the skirting boards and to empty and clean the glass of the brushes.

To clean the bathroom mirror, use alcohol. Because it prevents the formation of condensation, and it does not need to be dried. To eliminate unpleasant odours from the toilet, pour baking soda into the bath once a week. If you have the basket of dirty clothes in the bathroom, leave us a perfumed soap.

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