How to clean windows without streaking?

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Ever wonder how to clean windows without streaking?

Mature woman at home washing the window with rubber protective gloves with sprayer detergent and microfiber rag

Ever wonder how to clean windows without streaking?

The pleasant atmosphere and comfort in the house are largely based on timely and regular cleaning. Of course, first of all, you need to go everywhere with a vacuum cleaner and a cloth, but cleaning will be incomplete without washing the windows. They are like a showcase of your home and they launch the sunlight we need so much into the house, so every three months or even more often we need to do this.

Yes, many are aware of this need, but not everyone is doing it right. Just knowing some rules and tricks in caring for windows will help to do this efficiently and quickly. Our customers, of course, know that the best way to avoid a divorce is to order a window cleaner from us, especially since the price is affordable for everyone. For those who prefer to wash their own windows, we will analyze this question in detail on the shelves.

Before you start cleaning windows, you need to see if you have everything you need for this. If you do everything right, then you will need:

Wiper and / or window mop. With the help of this rather simple device, the washing process becomes an order of magnitude simpler and faster, since it is simply created for this. The wiper is suitable for the care of medium-sized windows; there are especially convenient models on a long or telescopic handle. A mop is more comfortable to clean large glass, due to its width and various modifications.

Sponge. Perhaps with regular washing and the absence of strong contaminants, it will not be useful to you. But with difficulties with stain removal, the side with a hard surface can do this very well.

Detergent. If desired, it is quite possible to cook it yourself and there is a large selection on the market now, so no problems are expected. We will analyze this issue in more detail later.

How to clean windows without streaking – Cloth, rags or napkins.

In general, cotton cloth does a great job of cleaning glass from detergents without streaks. However, suede, wipes for wet or dry cleaning, and even newspapers are suitable. Of modern means, microfiber has proven itself well.

In the process of cleaning and at its final stage, you will need a basin or bucket of water. There you will mix the detergent if necessary, rinse the sponge and at the end rinse the glasses themselves with clean water.

Important! The most suitable weather for washing windows is dry and calm, as well as cloudy. With the wind and the sun, the windows quickly dry out. Also note that outside windows are usually dirtier. For this reason, it is more rational to use separate rags and sponges for cleaning the different sides.

How to clean windows without streaking – Choosing detergents 

It is possible to wash windows with equal efficiency, both with old folk remedies and with completely modern ones. The difference in this case will be in the speed of work, its simplicity and of course the financial costs. The simplest components for the preparation of detergent for washing windows can be prepared independently, but it will take time. On the other hand, you can just spend a little money and without any effort to buy a specialized composition in the store.

So the simplest tool is prepared on the basis of soap. Cut a small amount of it into warm water to create a soapy solution and add 2 tablespoons of ammonia per liter of liquid. With light pollution, it will cope quite well. And if glycerol is added to the resulting composition, approximately in the same volume as water, then the treated glass receives protection from pollution and frost.

Important! Liquid ammonia cannot be used together with products containing bleach, and even more so try to strengthen it with its help. And it’s dangerous to add it to specialized detergents for windows. When combined together, these ingredients form fairly toxic substances chloramines.

The vinegar solution copes well, where 2-3 tablespoons of it are poured per liter of water.

The main disadvantage of such a composition is a strong and pungent odor that can be removed. To do this, drip a couple of drops of essential oil into the product as a perfume. To achieve gloss and shine, water with starch or salt will help. True, this product is used after washing and after them they will have to be rinsed with clean water.

Important! Do not use any abrasives to clean the windows, be it soda or cleaning powders to care for the kitchen. Also, do not use hard brushes; they can also scratch plastic and even a wooden frame.

As can be seen, folk remedies are quite effective and diverse. Surely, even you or your relatives can add more tips to this list. However, for the most part they are still more time-consuming. The gel, powder or spray is used according to the instructions, and literally within a few minutes you will see the result. The only thing you should pay attention to is the composition. Some elements can act as allergens (for example, aromatic fragrances), so if you have any health problems, look for formulas without them.

Window washing steps

As we mentioned earlier, if you are going to wash the glass not only inside, but also outside, then it is better to choose cloudy and windless weather. Otherwise, of course, you can remove dirt and dust, but you risk seeing stains on the windows even after the most thorough cleaning.

We start washing from the frame, first cleaning the window sill from all that is superfluous and removing the curtains / blinds. Mine from the bottom up, simultaneously removing smudges. We do all this with a selected or prepared detergent, then remove it with a damp cloth.

Then we go to the main stage of the wash, the glass itself. With the sponge dampened in cleaning detergents, having previously wetted the surface of the window. Unlike the frame, you need to move from top to bottom. This can be done easier with a special stick-brush or simply put with a mop for windows. With its help, it is easier to wash windows both outside and inside, reaching the very top, thanks to the long handle. With any option, the glass perimeter should be given the closest attention, increasing the pressure there.

Wipe the glass clean with a wiper or change the nozzle on a brush stick. We wipe the window surface with horizontal stripes, again from top to bottom. Each time, the next strip should overlap the previous one by a couple of centimeters and before each pass the nozzle is wiped dry. For this purpose, you will need a lot of dry rags or napkins, stock up on them in advance or replace with old newspapers.

Important! The wiper at the final stage of washing can replace the flannel fabric, but working with it is somewhat more difficult.

Features for the care of plastic windows

Nowadays modern windows with a plastic base have almost replaced the old frame structures made of wood. However, most people are not yet used to the fact that they require a slightly different approach to care. So they come from the manufacturer with a protective film on the surface and it should be removed immediately otherwise there will be problems with this.

Some models of plastic windows come with a special coating or spraying. Many because of this are afraid to wash them, as usual. In fact, this is not a problem, they are applied to the inner surface of the glass and do not interfere with washing.

After cleaning, plastic windows require additional maintenance, fortunately non-professionals can handle it. First of all, it will be necessary to lubricate the metal fittings of the machine with oil, but the rubber seals with silicone grease. They dry out over time and the windows can begin to sweat, and the grease moisturizes them again. Such procedures are recommended by most manufacturers at least twice a year.

After the fittings and seals, we turn to the drainage drainage systems. They should be clean without blockages, which will lead to fogging and freezing of the windows. Perhaps with some experience you can handle this with improvised means, but it is better to purchase a special set for the care of plastic windows.

Important! Hinges and locks do not need to be washed, just wipe with a damp cloth and a dry cloth.

How to clean windows without streaking – General tips

In the summer, after washing you can wipe the glass with vinegar if you are not afraid of its smell. Such measure will drive flies away for a while, and they will retain a clean look for longer. And you can treat the windows with the previously mentioned composition of water, ammonia and glycerol, due to the latter component they will retain a glossy shine for a little longer.

In winter, a glass of salt can be applied at the rate of 2 tablespoons per glass of water. Thanks to this, they will no longer be covered with frost in the cold. Small cracks or scratches on the surface of the glass will help to remove the usual colorless varnish, which lasts by the way for a long time.

Important! When washing windows, try not to touch your face with your hands and use rubber gloves. And then we advise to ventilate the room from extraneous odors.

If you find our tips useful, but still don’t want to do this alone, we can handle it. Just call us and book your appointment. Leave all the rest to our professionals. 

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