How to protect yourself from COVID-19?

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How to protect yourself from COVID-19?

It is good to know a few fundamental principles for virus protection. Panic and fear are not among them, but neglecting the potential is danger too.

When to use a mask?

• Wear a mask if you cough or sneeze.

• Masks are only effective when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based disinfectants or with soap and water.

• If you wear a mask, then you need to know how to use it properly.

How to use the mask?

• Before applying a mask, clean your hands with alcohol-based disinfectant or with soap and water.

• Cover your mouth and nose with a mask and make sure there are no gaps between the face and the mask.

• Avoid touching the mask while using it. If you do, clean your hands with disinfectant.

• Replace the mask with a new one as soon as it becomes wet and do not reuse disposable masks.

• To remove the mask: remove it from the back of the mask (do not touch the front of the mask); discard it immediately in a closed container; clean your hands with alcohol-based disinfectant or soap and water.


Basic steps to follow:


Wash your hands regularly

• Wash your hands frequently enough and for a long time with soap and water or with antibacterial disinfectant. This helps to kill viruses that may have fallen on your hands.

Keep distance with other people when you are out

• The World Health Organization advises us to stay at least a meter away from people sneezing or coughing. That’s because when we sneeze or cough, we throw away fluids that can contain viruses. If we are too close to a sick person, we can inhale the vapours thrown from them, which may include the appropriate COVID-19.



Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

 Our hands touch many surfaces and viruses can easily stick to them. Once this happens, our hands can transmit the virus to our eyes, nose or mouth. COVID-19 mainly enters the mucosa.


Respiratory hygiene

Make sure you and the people around you maintain good respiratory health. This means covering your mouth and nose with a crooked elbow or a handkerchief when we sneeze or cough. Then we need to discard this handkerchief right away.

This way we protect people around the infection, whether we have the common cold, the flu or COVID-19. Also if you have fever, cough or shortness of breath, seek medical advice immediately. Stay home if you are not feeling well or if you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath, seek medical attention by calling your doctor in advance. 



How to deal with stress during COVID-19?

It is healthy to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during a crisis. Talking to people you trust can help. Connect with your friends and family. If you need to stay home, maintain a healthy lifestyle – including a proper diet, enough sleep, exercise and social interactions with loved ones at home, as well as email and phone with other family members and friends.


How to secure our workplace

• Make sure your workplace is clean. Desks, tables, keyboards and all other surfaces must be disinfected regularly.

• Remind your colleagues to wash their hands frequently. Put disinfectants in different places around the office.

• Attach posters with the most important things to know about COVID-19.

• Consult with health authorities before travelling abroad.

• Let anyone who has even minimal flu symptoms (temperature above 37.3 degrees Celsius, cough, headache, runny nose) work from home or take a hospital.

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