How to remove a wine stain from clothes and furniture

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March 14, 2020
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How to remove a wine stain

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Probably you have wondered how to remove a wine stain from clothes and furniture.

Imagine this: having guests at home, one of them touches the wine glass, but it overturns, and spots appear on the white festive tablecloth. Or even worse – the wine spills on someone’s shirt or dress. What to do?

To prevent clothes from spoiling, urgent measures must be taken.

Ways to remove fresh stains from wine

Stain removal methods depends on the fabric and material. For instance – linen dresses and nylon shirts, they are different.

How to remove a wine stain of cotton and linen fabrics?

The most common way to remove a wine stain from cotton is table salt. You have to slightly moisture it with water in order to obtain a mushy mass. Then apply it to the soiled piece of fabric. The salt will absorb the wine. After drying, the pulp is removed with a dry paper towel. In case when the trace of wine is not completely removed, with subsequent washing it will disappear.

Another way is to use citric acid. To begin with, the wine spot needs to be wet so that the stain becomes dry. Then the soiled area of ​​matter is rubbed with a cut lemon, trying not to increase the soiled area. After the end of the holiday, soiled clothes are washed.

How to clean nylon, silk and nylon garments?

Remove the sweater. Wipe up the place wiped with a mixture of alcohol and liquid soap. Leave it for 1-2 hours, and then wash.

You can try to remove the stain with a solution of acetic acid. If the stain is not cleaned to the end, then it will go away after washing. If you do not have the right funds at hand, you should remove the soiled clothing and wash under cold running water.

How to remove an old wine stain from clothes?

If the wine has been spilled on a shirt or dress long time ago, and it has not been removed on time, don’t worry, there are ways to clear it.

If the contaminated item has a silk or wool base, apply a mixture of vodka – 3 parts, glycerol and ammonia in 1 part. Soak the stain for half an hour, and then wash the clothes;

Woolen clothes are treated with milk. At the first stage, the pollution is poured with warm milk. Then the whole thing is dipped in cold milk and kept there for half an hour. After that, the clothes are washed.

Cotton clothes will also be cleaned with a solution of soda in water. 3 tablespoons are put per liter of soda. Mix it and then pour it over the spot. Leave it for 1 hour and then wash.

How to remove old traces of wine from colored fabrics?

For colored clothing, there are special methods for removing stains of wine:

A solution of manganese will help remove a wine stain from a colored thing. The soiled area is soaked in it for 5 minutes, and then prepares a mixture of hydrogen peroxide. Pour 1 teaspoon into a glass of cool water peroxide. Moisture a piece of cotton with the mixture and then wipe the spot with. This method is suitable for delicate fabrics.

There is also a popular method of cleaning with a mixture of eggs and glycerin. They are mixed in equal proportions. Then dip a piece of cotton into the mixture and a wipe the spot with it. After these manipulations, the spot disappears.

In Spain, they have an original cleaning method. Pour over white wine over the stain of red wine. Then rinse manually in mineral water.

How to remove traces of wine from carpets and upholstered furniture?

The following methods are most effective:

Wet with water the stain on the carpet. Sprinkle salt on top of it. Gradually, salt is absorbed into the tissue, so it is poured several times. The process will take 10 hours. When it absorbs wine and dries, they remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner. You can use soda as well. Detergent powder is added to a solution of vinegar in water. Take 2 sponges. Dip one in the prepared mixture and the wipe up the polluted area. Then wipe the stain with a dry washcloth. Repeat the process until the stain disappears. Then wash the treated area with cold water and dry.

If the carpet is old, and its brightness has already been lost, you can wipe the trace of wine with hydrogen peroxide. Do not press the sponge hard. Then wash the carpet from the peroxide with cool water.

Lemon juice is mixed with water in equal proportions. The solution is poured into the spray gun and the wine stain is moistened from it. It turns pale and disappears after 30 minutes.

Upholstered furniture are cleaned of red wine with a mixture of eggs and glycerin. Then the surface is wiped dry and washed with cold water. If red wine gets on your clothes or carpet, it is not necessary to immediately go to dry cleaning. You can find home remedies that will destroy the stain.

If you find those tips useful, but still don’t want to risk it and clean your upholstery by yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can take care of everything. 

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