Public restroom cleaning

Cleaning the home before holidays
Cleaning the home before holidays
December 18, 2019
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March 14, 2020
Public restroom cleaning

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London is a city of great opportunities and a growing business. This means there are a considerable number of office buildings, shopping malls, cafes etc. It is essential to keep them clean regularly because an office for instance is not only a workplace but also a company’s face. It’s an indicator of its image and respect for employees and customers. The lack of cleanliness in the workplace can cause a decrease in the productivity of the team and can even affect the health status of employees. Regular cleaning of offices helps to avoid these troubles and create a favourable working atmosphere.

We can create an atmosphere that contributes to the performance of employees and the comfort of visitors. In a professionally cleaned office, the ideal environment is also for meetings with partners. It is impossible to organize this with the help of a standard technical staff of 2-3 cleaners. It requires the work of a team of cleaning specialists with the appropriate equipment, and its maintenance for one building is economically disadvantageous.

Each building, whether a cafe, office, government agency or hotel, has a sanitary zone which must comply with established standards of hygiene and sanitation. Usually, the choice depends on the number of visitors. So, when cleaning in shopping malls, simple and easy-to-care items are usually used. And in luxury restaurants, when choosing, they pay more attention to design. But a single rule for the sanitary zone of any object is suitable materials that ensure perfect hygiene of the room.

Public restroom cleaning – Paper holders: size matters

The choice depends on how many people are going to visit it on a daily basis. For example, for a supermarket visited by thousands of people per day, we suggest to install metal elements with the function of the auto-cutting paper. It reduces paper consumption and prevents the spread of pathogens. Moreover, the holder itself is durable and caring yet very simple.

For the bathroom of a small cafe, you can choose a cheaper option from plastic, easy to use and unpretentious in maintenance.

For rooms with medium traffic, either of the two options is suitable. Moreover, their design can be anything: classical or trendy.

Also, pay attention to size. It depends on how intensively the sanitary zone is operated; you need to choose the optimal holder size: maxi, midi, mini.

Public restroom cleaning – Dispensers

  • Anti-vandal or straightforward – that’s the question

We suggest you choose a metal dispenser, to worry less if it is going to be broken or no. Although it costs more than plastic, by making a simple calculation of future costs with the constant replacement of plastic elements, it becomes clear which option suits you best.

Specialists in cleaning companies usually insist on metal products even though they are a bit more expensive. But, in operation, they cost less than plastic elements, which can break due to careless handling much faster and require constant replacement.

If you are  against metal in the sanitary zone, pay attention to dispensers made of ABS plastic, which has high strength. This material does not crack during a strong impact but bends to later return to its original form. In terms of hygiene, both materials are almost equal.

Public restroom cleaning

  • Why is it profitable to work with a cleaning company Fresh Carpet Cleaners?

If you want to equip the bathroom so that it is comfortable for visitors, but at the same time does not cause much damage to the budget, you need to contact specialists. Our professionals from Fresh Carpet Cleaning can help you clean any of your sanitize zones – from private ones at home to public bathrooms in the mall. We ensure perfect cleanliness in the sanitary zone of your institution, which will most positively affect its reputation among visitors. 

We will:

  • vacuum the floor and rugs, 
  • wash all the sinks, toilet bowl and bidet, 
  • remove urinary stone and rust;
  • wipe the tile over the entire height using a stable surface;
  • clean the dust from the fixtures, if available (using a stable surface);
  • wipe glass and mirror surfaces;

To get an advice or request professional cleaning services, call us and book an appointment.


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