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Mattress cleaning London
March 14, 2018
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Commercial carpet cleaning London
March 14, 2018
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Residential carpet cleaning London

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Looking for Residential carpet cleaning London?

Residential London carpet cleaning by Fresh Carpet Cleaners Ltd. – West, North, South East and Central London

Your entire home or office building cries for maintenance? You need thorough and detailed professional carpet cleaning? Residential carpet cleaning London will help you get through this trial in the fastest and most affordable way. Say goodbye to the stains and the unpleasant odors. Your house or office building will be refreshed in such a way; it will be pleasant to reside in it, as pleasant as a vacation at the seaside.

Are you full of desire for order and balance, and cleanliness. It helps you focus, and feel brilliantly at your space, it helps you be creative and concentrated on what makes you so busy and important. Clean flooring exhilarates your home or office workers as well – it makes them more productive. On the other hand if you ignore dirt and grime in your residence – that will make you and your staff less productive.

steam cleaning

We at Fresh Carpet Cleaners bring freshness to your work life

so that you will love spending time in your at home or office. After all for many of us it is a second home, because we spend most of our day-time in it.

We at Fresh Carpet Cleaners come with many blessings: deep professional carpet cleaning, preservation of the color and its brightness, refreshing and softening, permanency, quality, disinfection and even antibacterial result. That means we clean deeply, and leave no spot unattended, and we do it with the enthusiasm of only professional cleaners have for cleaning.

We treat your space delicately and with nature-friendly products. We can use “low-moisture” system, which guarantees that the flooring will dry in practically no time. Your delicate carpets will be cleaned by sort of a magic, instead of aggressive treatment. We choose our experts and our detergents and will be very careful with your belongings.

Residential carpet cleaning London is the pearl in our portfolio of services. If you are living in London and need fresh and clean solutions, do not hesitate to contact with us.


Residential London carpet cleaning is an effective way to cope with stains and unpleasant odors. Our team of experts has experience in treating toughest chocolate, juice, wine and glue stains and knows how to manage these problems professionally. Thanks to out detergents all bacteria and microorganisms will vanish quickly and effectively.

professional results and methods WHAT ARE OUR METHODS?

You can feel calm and confident that our experts will consult you which one of our cleaning methods is most appropriate for your carpet and for your particular needs. Here is what you can choose from:

  • Steam cleaning(hot water extraction).
  • Dry cleaning.
  • Bonnet cleaning.

As a cleaning company we use typical steam (also called hot water extraction method) for thorough carpet cleaning thanks to its effectiveness. When the carpet is more delicate or you prefer quicker results, dry cleaning comes to the rescue. As for bonnet cleaning, it is a perfect option for short-piled carpets and it doesn’t treat the fabric so aggressively.

When you need thorough and detailed professional carpet cleaning service, without doubt the most suitable option for you is steam cleaning(hot water extraction). In theory this is a method where heated water (with detergent) is being sprayed on the carpet. Simultaneously the water is vacuumed up – along with dislodged and dissolved dirt. Here is how it goes in 5 easy steps:

Residential carpet cleaning London1. VACUUMING. In order to remove any loose dirt, dust and traces of mud we will vacuum thoroughly all areas of the carpet.

2. PRE-TREAT. The second step is pre-treating the carpet for stain removal.

3. STEAM CLEANING (hot water extraction). The third and most fundamental step is treating the carpet with our powerful steam cleaning technology (hot water extraction). What’s more – in order to remove all smells and bacteria we clean the surface at temperature of up to 120 °C by adding our special formulated shampoos and deodorizers.

4. SPOT REMOVAL. We use unique treatment for remaining stubborn stains in order to get sure everything is fresh and clean.

5. DRYING. Afterwards we leave the carpet to fully dry for 2-3 hours.

Dry London carpet cleaning services

Having a more delicate carpet or not having the necessary time to wait for the carpet to dry? Then dry cleaning is the most suitable option for you. You can ask our experts about any detail, concerning the process, the detergents, etc., but here is the most important information in brief: we use “very low moisture” system which relies on dry compounds and application cleaning solutions. The result is clean, refreshed and revitalized carpet with very rapid drying time. By trusting this method you will save time without compromising the cleaning quality. So… why don’t you call us and leave the rest to our team of specialists.

Bonnet London carpet cleaning service

For instance if the fabric of your carpet is really delicate and shouldn’t be treated aggressively, then bonnet cleaning is the perfect option for you. Our experts would recommend it for short-piled carpet either. Here is how the magic happens: soda (yes, sparkling water) is being mixed with a detergent and afterwards the mixture is deposited onto the surface as a mist. Then our experts will scrub it with a round buffer (or as it is also called “a bonnet”). Next a floor buffer attracts the soil and rinses the fabric repeatedly. Once our experts are ready with the cleaning, they will let the carpet dry for 2-3 hours.

We trust only professional detergents which are completely non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for children or pets. Their price is calculated in the price of the cleaning service.

Our Promises:

  • prochem-logoDeep London carpet cleaning service;
  • Preservation of the colors’ brightness;
  • Refreshing and softness;
  • Permanency;
  • Quality;
  • Disinfection;
  • Antibacterial result.


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