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March 14, 2018
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Rug cleaning London

Looking for Rug cleaning London?

Fresh Carpet Cleaners will provide you with a professional Rug Cleaning service in London. Having classic or modern rugs at home is familiar to many people. No doubt rugs bring character and comfort to any home. But what rug owners are definitely familiar with are the difficulties with cleaning them. Does this sound familiar to you? Do you have an oriental or Persian rug? Do you want to have it cleaned by an expert team of cleaners? Than we are on the same page – our page.

A Persian or an Oriental rug is an antique home treasure. They are usually hand-made by 100% wool – therefore they must be touched with reverence. They should be cleaned – and often – by someone who knows how.
Chances are you and your family are attached to it and so is your home cat, which leaves so much hair on the poor flooring, that it looks like your rug is furry as well.
This is one of the plenty of disasters that happen on a regular basis in your holy cloister. Your 3-year-old toddler has decided to make a cake. He used forty eggs, and added inside three packets of flour. His only mistake was, that he did it on your beautiful rug.

No more cleaning your expensive rug by yourself 

Stains? Odor? Dirt? Your rug is not obligated to endure all this and we are here to relieve you from all kinds of sensational inconveniences. You shouldn’t wonder your rug looks like disaster before our intervention and after we do our magic – your home is again ready to welcome, impress guests. You and your rugs will be so glad you have found us.

No need to stir homemade potions to apply to your expensive Oriental rug. No – it deserves better. We at Fresh Carpet Cleaners know how to make your home a happier place. You cannot neglect the essentials of your interior design – a clean rug balances the energy of the room. It creates a sense of harmony and peace. It’s the central point in your living room and all other furniture should complement it in color. A beautiful rug is a rug cleaned regularly and carefully. We at Fresh Carpet Cleaners have raised this effort to an art.

Our company offers cleaning services for different types of rugs, including:

  • Rug cleaning LondonOriental rugs
  • Persian rugs
  • Wool rugs
  • Asian hand knotted rugs
  • Machine made rugs
  • Acrylic rugs
  • All other types of modern or antique rugs.

While looking for the best solution clients can choose between two types of cleaning rug – wet and dry. Of course, our team of highly skilled professionals will advise you which method will suit your needs best.

Rug cleaning LondonOur team will remove each and every moderate or heavy stain from your rugs – no matter whether the stains are old or new.
You will receive a guaranteed, complete and cost effective service. We can clean your rug at your place or at our special facility.
If you are not satisfied with the result, we will re-clean your rug free of charge until you see the expected result.

Best dry rug cleaning London by Fresh Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

If you prefer quicker results or possess more delicate rug, then dry cleaning is the perfect choice. In order to implement this method we use special dry powder which interacts with the fibres of the rug. Of course, before the dry cleaning process itself we vacuum intensely the rug in order to remove as many hard particles, dirt and dust as possible. The result is refreshed and clean rug without any danger of damaging it. As we mentioned, dry cleaning is the preferred method when the rug is vulnerable to water or bleed dyes. We use less moisture so the process of cleaning is faster, but also there is no drying. The dry powder consists of completely natural materials, including timber. If you have any questions? Or you already want to try us? Do not hesitate to contact us!

We trust only professional detergents which are completely non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for children or pets. Their price is calculated in the price of the cleaning service.

If you need curtains cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us and set an appointment. 

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