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March 14, 2018
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Mattress cleaning London
March 14, 2018

Upholstery cleaning London

Looking for Upholstery cleaning London?

Upholstery cleaning London – South East and Central London

Do you sense that your favorite sofa is calling for cleaning? Have you ever wondered who you should call when you need some furniture cleaning? We have a solid answer for you – call Fresh Carpet Cleaners Ltd.. So, let us guide you through the following situation. You are having a sofa, a couple of armchairs, as well as some other furniture with fabrics. You really love them but they look a little bit aged. The result? Revitalized furniture with extended life.

It is what gathers you together for a movie night, it’s where your guests sit and appreciate the beauty of your home. You connect your old sofa with the most fabulous moments spent at home. It’s synonymous to you with coziness and relaxation and it needs to be cleaned well. Do you know who to call?

What can we do?

We can resurrect your favorite old sofa and that at an affordable price. We can prepare your living room for the dinner party of the century – even when kids have been playing around. That’s a stress-free option to maintain your upholstery. If you spill coffee on it on a regular basis, it gets greasy spots from French fries, in fact before our intervention it may look a disaster.

You can pick among dry and steam cleaning, after being consulted by our specialists. We know what to do even with delicate materials. If you are not satisfied with our work – our cleaners will return and clean everything over – free of charge.

Bring the original spotless colors back to your home. When you were choosing your upholstery it was the most conspicuous design accent in your living room. You still remember its first days in the house, when you were practically in love with it. It used to rejoice the eyes and now it looks a little shabby. Revitalize it with our services. We will bring it back to life. We will revive the original coziness and enchantment of your living room.

You know you can count on us. After we deal with your beautiful upholstery, it looks immaculate.

Upholstery cleaning London


We give a complete guarantee for our professional cleaning services. And that is not all. Here is what you can count on with us:

  • Trained and certified technicians;
  • Professional fabrics cleaning equipment (for steam and dry cleaning);
  • Professional detergents which are non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for children or pets;
  • Convenient booking time-slots;
  • Competitive cleaning pricing.

Upholstery cleaning London – West, North, South East and Central London

The procedure
No matter whether you choose the dry or the steam cleaning method, your home will be thoroughly cleaned. If you hesitate which method is more appropriate, our experts will consult you. Thanks to their rich know-how they comply with stains, chemical composition as well as with the texture and structure and as a result will give you the best option. So mattresses, armchairs, sofas, you name it – you can totally relax and leave the cleaning in our hands.

Delicate upholstery
One of the most premium and comfortable pieces of furniture are the ones with suede or leather. The worst part is that leather and suede are also more delicate materials which require more careful cleaning. Luckily your furniture gets the best cleaning with our expert team. They will use dry or steam cleaning systems in order to clean all the stubborn stains, dirt, etc. The difference between the two methods is that with steam cleaning fabrics are being treated with high pressure steam for thorough cleaning, while dry cleaning uses dry compound and is a safer way to clean delicate fabrics.

Steam cleaning by Fresh Carpet Cleaners Ltd.
When it comes to thorough upholstery cleaning we recommend the steam method. Our experts use professional hot water extraction machine designed for this type of cleaning in order to give you perfect results. When we say perfect results we mean no smells, no stains, no bacteria and completely revitalized furniture. We are so confident in the results of our work that we give guarantee for that. This means that if the result of our work doesn’t satisfy you, our experts will come and RE-CLEAN completely FREE of charge.

Upholstery cleaning London

Dry upholstery cleaning
For more delicate fabrics our experts would recommend you dry upholstery cleaning. For this purpose we use professional cleaning foam or a special carbonated cleaning product. Before the process of dry cleaning though we will vacuum clean thoroughly in order to remove any dirt, hair, food crumbs, etc. We will pay special attention to cushions as well and then we will use a dry cleaning compound. Once it has done its job we will use our powerful vacuum cleaner in order to remove the remaining dirt. The result? Clean and fresh sofas and armchairs. Nice, right?

Our experts
Our cleaning technicians have extensive experience and know-how in this type of cleaning and are being specialized in working with delicate fabrics. They trust professional technologies and detergents in order to achieve perfect results. They can remove different types of stains (juice, cream, pet stains) as well as oil stains (lipstick, ointment, butter, etc.), so that in the end of the day you have your furniture fresh, clean and revitalized. Call us and leave the rest to our team of specialists. If you feel like your carpet is not clean enough, you can book us an appointment for carpet cleaning

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